Usually when couple looking forward to book you they want to know you, what kind of person you are, as a photographer as well as person. These talks (chats) are very interesting, sometimes when you're very lucky, you come across that perfect couple or bride or groom that you know shooting experience with them/her/him will be a sweet memory, Riddhi's wedding was one of those experiences. Our first meeting I was quite sure that it'd be great experience shooting for this bride. 

 I love to interact a lot with the couple and their guests and become a part of the wedding. That way the whole process of shooting the event goes smoothly and is so much more fun. It's all about establishing a rapport and being excited for the same thing, the coming together of two beautiful souls.

The first meeting with the bride was like a regular discussion of what she needs, what we can do, etc. But by the next meeting, she was very clear about what she wanted, She wanted to buy a Ritu Kumar lehenga & have me to photograph her in it at her wedding. That's it. I was impressed. 

The magic began with shooting her lehenga, jewelry, shoes, etc, all accessories for her big day. Being creative for those shots is always a fun challenge for me. Then came her mehndi day, where she demanded a beautiful design. Not to mention, she agreed to dance and jump a little for the camera. These little moments in between the big events are the points were we can capture some special smiles.              

It's time to buckle up buddy, she said and winked. As the bride gets ready, I quietly moved around them and with the full focus being only on her at this time, I was able to make a few portraiture compositions I liked.

And then the big day arrives and we are all ready for it. The bride spinning for the cameras, ready to play ball and pose at a construction site, this was the most fun hour before the ceremonies began. And then the excitement tripled, with the pundit chanting away, the family members performing their part of the rituals, the relatives hovering over.

I am glad I was a part of this celebration & even more glad to document for the couple memories they can cherish forever. 

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