Multi-cultural weddings always stand out for us Indians. We are all still used to seeing couple & families of similar cultures . But when people of totally different backgrounds come together , the colors of the wedding are just so interesting.  A Sindhi groom, an odiyya bride, both living in the UK and all the families come back to their homeland for the wedding, now that's a fairy tale story.  

The wedding was held in Bhubhaneshwar, Orissa. After landing there & reaching the amazing hotel, I was a happy kid to know I was staying next to the groom. Great way to connect with the couple. We decided to do a small couple shoot making best use of the little time we had, walking around, on day one. 

Mehendi time with the bride & her family

Ring ceremony 

Pithi celebration on the groom's family side was one I will never forget. I learnt about the unique custom of tearing up the groom's clothes after doing the pithi. Haha The whole family had so much fun. 

Time to get ready for the special event

Sonia + Kapil becoming one

Finally the time has arrived for these two lovely beings to become one in holy matrimony, including funky head gear and all. There was laughter all around, the couple  and the relatives were all involved in the ceremony, having a great time all along.  

Time to say goodbye to this awesome couple and a big thank you to them for letting me be a part of their beautiful forever story

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