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What they have to say about me

Jenish Parmar

"Photographer with magic in hands....."

Monk Xu

"Ravi MISTRY - you are in person like every picture you take - breathless when in stillness. You mirror the art that you live by- thank you for inspiring a Monk to go to a place within "Wonderment-Unlimited" As a KungFu practitioner of the Taoist sect - you are my number 1 choice when it comes to being the director of cinematography for the feature film I will create."

Riddhi Raval

"It was one of my best decisions to have Ravi Mistry for wedding photography. He is down to earth and very friendly with family members as well. Love his photography details. I was surprised to see very special moments were captured and photos are stunning. Ravi took way more than expected pictures to cover full wedding. When we got the pictures, we couldn't have been happier. He is very quick with editing. All pictures were ready and updated online within two days!!!!! smile emoticon Very passionate about photography!!! Honestly, I can't thank enough. He made my wedding day even more special!!!"

Kruti Barot

"Ravi Mistry and his team of photographers are fantastic at capturing all moments and emotions during a wedding. They are very passionate about photography and they bring in a very creative and fresh angle to all the candid clicks. Ravi and his team is very polite and friendly and they make you go through the day very comfortably. They were a pleasure to work with. We absolutely loved the pictures we received! We couldn't be happier with the decision of getting our wedding pictures clicked by them. :) There are just so many wonderful shots that we keep looking at. We highly recommend Mistry Photography for your next photoshoot."

Chinar Shah

"Phenomenal experience with Ravi. I could not have picked a more talented, passionate and fun photographer for a very important photo shoot. I highly recommend him and his team . I have always been a fan of his photography since I know him. He has that natural eye sights to capture the right moments and it feels so amazing watching those pictures over and over again because they are unique and takes you back to that moment right away . if you're looking for more than pictures but rather an experience of you, captured beautifully, in real time, for always this is the Guy :)"

Ashutosh Bhatt

"The best young talented, creative, professional photographer in the town. He is very friendly and down to earth person. He brings creativity in photography in all possible unique way which traditional and regular photographers can not do. His quality of work and pictures are just brilliant! He put all the efforts and hard work the click that you and your family members will cherish forever. I would highly recommended Ravi to anybody when it comes to creativity, uniqueness, professionalism and quality of work."

Jibril Raval

"Excellent photography taking photos from different angles. You got really nice skills."

Sarita Patel

"I can't speak for the quality of service he is offering. Every time, he is coming up with personal style which you can see by looking through his portfolio. Photography was something I was willing to spend a bit more on for our wedding because those pictures capture the memories that are forever. Ravi is a great guy to work with. Thanks for all the photographs on all my assignments!!!"

Meera Choksi

"The best photographer I have ever met... I so love his work.. If I think about photography, the first name to strike my mind is Ravi..."

Nauka Shah

"Very few people hv that imagination power to keep moments live through photographs,ravi mistry`s photographs convey the expressions, and he has that power to bring a thing live to u:)  love your work keep going :)"

Shaivil Gandhi

"Amazing!! Just amazing photographer Ravi Mistry is my Mentor!"

Abhishek Purohit

"I can not say enough about Ravi and the quality of his work. He is truly an amazing photographer. I have hired him a couple times and he impresses me more and more each time I see his work. Bravo Ravi! Thanks for all the great photographs on all my assignments!!!"

Jaimik Shah

"Professionalism, perfection, patience, elegance, vision are only few words can describe Ravi's work."

Niral Patel

"A young & highly motivated professional possessing exceptional photographic skills, capturing the best moments and converting them to never ever forgettable memories of each and every particular event."

Parth Oza

"One of a kind. Great work. Love the way emotions are captured."

Preeti Shaha Saswihalli

"You are the best professional helper ever met. There are so many things that I have learnt from you a part from photography. Be the way you are."

Ved Dave

"Sir,you are too awsome!!! I m Always try to keep follow ur steps in photography..."

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